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Our Vision

At RUS Industrial we operate on the core principles of Safety, Integrity, Quality and Production. Ensuring our employees and clients work in the safest environment possible, never compromising integrity or quality, while producing value in the products and services we provide our partners. Living this mission by these core principals will build our relationships with our employees, their families, & our clients, and build a stronger bridge to our company’s future.

Our People, Our Core

We can’t do it without our dedicated and skilled team.

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Award-Winning Safety

TRIR 0.00 and EMR 0.60

At RUS Industrial, as with most companies, the goal is zero safety incidents … but the question is, “how companies act upon this goal”. In analyzing the concept of safety and safe practices, RUS chose to integrate multiple business practices into a manageable, common-sense approach to help mitigate all company loss.

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