Support Services

RUS offers a full-service suite of services, combined with a proven track record of excellence in safety. Over the decades, we have developed a range of services that can be combined and customized to address specific project or industry challenges of our clients.

Project Controls

RUS offers comprehensive industrial Planning and Scheduling that truly delivers the results you need. Our project planning and scheduling is specific, measurable, controlled, and achievable. It also complements our Project Management services very well. RUS’ planning and scheduling ensures consistent, proven results with assisting in designing, developing, and maintaining detailed resource-loaded schedules with Primavera. Our services include:

  • Helping develop detailed project schedules
  • Daily & weekly dashboard reporting to management
  • Assisting project managers in keeping schedules current
  • Revising schedules as needed when objectives or priorities change
  • Formulating detailed plans for project completion
  • Integrating multiple plans and schedules into a Master Program Schedule
  • Tracking significant information, progress, and results
  • Coordinating with program management to track results and adjust as needed
  • Projecting Manpower & Headcount (mobilize & demobilize)

We will help address your planning and scheduling needs in varied, customized ways that directly relate to the needs of your particular project. Let us help you with the logistical, time-consuming aspects of planning and scheduling so that you can focus on the project work and completion itself.

Warehouse Storage & Management

RUS provides comprehensive warehouse storage and materials management services for your short-term and long-term needs. Our knowledgeable team can develop a customized solution for your storage requirements.

We offer ambient temperature and climate-controlled space with industrial shelving & pallet racking options combined with overhead cranes, forklifts, and delivery trucks and trailers. Our 15-acre facility is equipped with exterior lighting, 7’-0” perimeter fence, and 24-hour security guards.

Let us help you develop a storage plan that’s right for you.

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