RUS Industrial efficiently completes capital projects in every industrial plant size and type, involving every major DCS, PLC, SCADA, SIS, and BMS in all Industrial settings. Our in-depth experience with a multitude of instrumentation devices and manufacturers allows RUS Industrial to provide our customers with quality installation, start-up and commissioning services of the instrumentation they depend on to operate their facilities. RUS takes pride in our ability to meet demanding project schedules and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our experience and skill combine to provide our clients premier service with great depth in expertise.

Our capabilities include:

  • New Construction Services
  • Capital Expansion
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Inspection Service
  • Controls Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • Plant Maintenance Contracts
  • Supplemental Maintenance for Routine or Shutdown/Turnaround Activity
  • All Test Equipment Calibrated to a NIST-Traceable Standard

Instrumentation Technical Services

RUS Industrial provides Instrumentation services for customers world-wide. Our staff can provide our customers professional, safety-minded instrumentation staff to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our customer. Knowing our customers’ needs allows RUS Industrial to provide multiple levels of technical support in the areas of:

  • On-Site Maintenance Support with Call-Out Duty
  • Instrumentation Inspectors for Project Work and New Construction
  • Instrument Reliability Studies and Service
  • Instrument Planners / Schedulers (Maintenance / Turnarounds)
  • Instrument Installation and Calibration
  • Interlocks and Critical Instrument Checkout
  • P&ID Verifications, Loop Drawing Verifications and Drawing Updates
  • Instrument Coordinators for Turnaround
  • Certified Test Equipment to Perform Work (NIST Traceable)

Cost Control – Larger projects may require advanced cost control measures including:

  • Productivity Tracking
  • Dedicated Onsite Material Purchasing
  • Expenditure Reporting Against Proposed Budgets

Instrument Verification – This step involves checking all process controls against customer purchase orders to verify the instrument matches the purchase order and has not been damaged in shipment. This can be done in conjunction with the customers Electrical Custody and Control program.

Bench Calibration – This critical step involves verifying all set points, outputs, and ranges against the design criteria prior to installation. Each instrument receives a multi-point check to make sure it performs to owner specification. All control functions are checked, and if required, set points are programmed. Even “factory calibrated” instruments may be checked since shipping and handling can often disturb the settings. Bench calibration allows for a smoother progression in later phases of work such as loop check and start-up. There will be less chance of costly system upsets and delays caused by malfunctioning or non-calibrated hardware.

Loop Check – This step involves signal checks after installation. Technicians go into the field and send actual signals from each transmitting device back to the controllers and from the controllers to the final control element. This can be accomplished using simulated signals (dry) or by filling the system with inert fluids or gases to simulate the actual process conditions (wet). Loop checks let the owner know everything has been installed properly, is functioning and ready for start-up.

Start-Up and Commissioning – The final step in the process is start-up. Having verified all loops and control functions the technician can now “start-up” each system. This is accomplished with engineering support from the owner or owner’s representatives. Specialty vendors may also be called in to support any non-conventional hardware.

Maintenance Services – All customers are faced with maintaining facilities to ensure efficient operations. Today’s market brings its own challenges with providing qualified personnel to conduct maintenance activities. RUS provides Instrumentation personnel for long term maintenance or supplement support.

Instrument Fitter Services

  • Instrument Fitters to Install Multiple Tube Runs (Gang Tubing)
  • Installation of all Instrumentation and Associated Tubing
  • Tubing Tray and all Support for Tubing and Tube Bundles
  • Modify and Red-Line Analyzer Sample Systems and Analyzer Modifications On-Site
  • Panel and Sample System Construction and ACAD Drawing

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