Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC

Industrial Plumbing

RUS Industrial provides all types of industrial plumbing repair and maintenance. Our industrial plumbers are licensed and certified and are capable of handling a broad range of industrial plumbing or industrial piping issues. The industrial plumbing and industrial piping services we offer include:

  • All Types of Industrial Plumbing Repair
  • Backflow Installation, Repair and Testing
  • Confined Space Work
  • Lift Station Pump Installation, Repair and Cleaning
  • Storm Drain Cleaning and Repair
  • Wet and Dry Materials Removal

Industrial Carpentry

From repair, remodels to major upgrades, RUS Industrial deploys industrial carpenters needed to complete projects to our customers’ satisfaction. Your facilities can be planned, erected or transformed with minimal input on your end.

Very few projects are strictly carpentry, and it’s always easier to contract the entire job from a single source, and RUS can be that source. By managing the diverse labor types and skillsets from a single, planned organization, you can avoid work conflicts, overlapping labor problems and completion errors that prevent the next stage of operation.

Industrial HVAC

Industrial HVAC systems require special handling. RUS Industrial’s HVAC technicians offer maintenance and repair services and keep HVAC systems working in pristine condition to avoid issues.

The design requirements for HVAC systems are based on the product being manufactured within the facility to maintain humidity, dust control, and pressurization. Our technicians are well-equipped and educated to prevent, repair, replace, and maintain industrial air conditioning units.

Contact RUS Industrial today for quality electrical and mechanical solutions for your facility.