RUS Industrial provides component level repair and calibration of a variety of analyzer types both in the field and at manufacture shop facility (FAT) including:

  • Gas Detection
  • CEMS
  • Gas Chromatographs


We have factory trained and seasoned professionals providing a broad scope of services including:

  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical, Analyzers
  • Lab Equipment
  • Fixed and Portable Gas Detection


On-site Field Service – Qualified Analyzer Technicians are available to provide long or short-term corrective and preventive maintenance support at your site. Skilled Technical support manage analytical operations, develop maintenance strategy, and ensure reliable analyzer data to protect and enhance analytical equipment.

Analyzer Maintenance Support – A maintenance Analyzer Technician provides high-quality services that customers require to maintain equipment and provides committed services support to a single site to manage the efficiency and effective operation of site analytical equipment. 

Performance Audits – Consist of reviewing and optimizing all critical analyzer operating parameters, data transfer, data collection and storage, as well as sample handling system performance. Performance audits also include an audit report for each analyzer under contract, certifying the analyzer for maximum operating performance.

Start-Up and Commissioning – Our project specialists, who understand your process, are available to commission new analyzers to bring equipment online quickly. We also provide installation supervision, field installation of analyzer systems, checkout, and on-site operational and maintenance training.

Obsolescence / Upgrades – RUS Industrial has the capabilities to provide project support to assist with retrofitting new technology and analyzer upgrades for a customer’s site. We understand the need for customers to utilize existing infrastructure and integrate new systems within existing parameters. Our qualified personnel with years of experience allow us to be a customer’s dependable contractor.

RUS Industrial also provides:

  • Inspection of the Total System
  • Verification of System Components and Functionality
  • Sample System Modifications
  • Confirmation System is Operating as Per Design
  • Demolition of the Obsolete Equipment
  • Installation of New Equipment
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Highly Qualified Staff of Analyzer Technicians


  • Long Term / Short Term Technician Support
  • Training for New or Existing Equipment
  • GC, CEMS, HRVOC Maintenance Contracts
  • Gas Detection Systems and Field Calibration Services

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