Our Goal:

Zero injuries. Ever.

At RUS Industrial, safety is more than just a promise: it's built into the very fabric of our company's culture.

An Award Winning Track Record

Our commitment to workplace safety isn’t just a policy: it’s a proven reality. Thanks to our tireless efforts, RUS has achieved a worker’s compensation risk modifier (EMR) of 0.53. This means that RUS Industrial’s accident record is 36% lower than the level deemed acceptable for our industry.

When it comes to safety, ‘good’ isn’t good enough. We strive for perfection at every phase of every job site, and we have the record and awards to prove it.

From the Office to the Jobsite

Achieving our goal of zero workplace injuries requires vision, commitment and collaboration. That's why safety is a part of every phase of our business practices and procedures, starting at the top.

Our "Corporate Code of Ethics" sets a universal standard for safety that is understood and embraced by management and workers alike. Our managers frequently lead jobsite safety meetings, and maintain an open door policy for employees to communicate issues or concerns along the way.

Quality Individual Training

We use every means at our disposal to ensure that all employees comprehend and conform to our safety policies. That’s why we require them to read and pass an exam on our safety policies in addition to attending face-to-face orientation meetings with our safety staff. Each employee also receives hands-on training on the various tools and procedures related to their work group.

A Dynamic Approach for Dynamic Industries

RUS Industrial strives for continued excellence, and that means an adaptive safety culture to reflect the frequent changes of modern job sites. No matter how new or innovative your desired approach may be, you can trust that our safety procedures will expand accordingly.

Paul Henson from RUS Industrial talks about the importance of a safety culture and how Texas Mutual helps keep employees safe and how safety pays for his company.

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