Downstream Products and Services

Results matter.

RUS Industrial offers a comprehensive range of downstream services across a variety of industrial settings. We provide electrical, instrumentation and custom fabrication solutions built to suit the needs of your job site. No matter how extensive or unconventional your project may be, RUS has the experienced personnel to make your vision a reality.


RUS Industrial provides a wide range of innovative electrical services for the refining and processing phase of your oil & gas project.

RUS is an industry leader in electrical heat tracing systems for use in refineries, processing plants, LNG tanks and more.

Through our electrical heat tracing and other electrical services, you can ensure continued safety and efficiency through your project’s completion.

RUS currently offers the following downstream electrical services:

  • New Construction
  • Process Expansion
  • Motor Control Centers (MCDs)
  • Turnarounds


RUS Industrial’s customized instrumentation services help to ensure safety and accuracy during the refining and processing phase of your oil and gas project. Our brand independence allows our team to assemble and deliver a package consistent with our customer’s particular needs and processes, all while staying on deadlines and within budget.

RUS currently offers the following downstream instrumentation services and solutions:

  • Custom Tubing Layout and Installation
  • System Evaluation and Testing
  • Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)


RUS Industrial offers custom-built structures and components for the refining and processing phase of your oil and gas project.

Our unique fabrications are designed to preserve the hard work required to procure your resources, and will help to ensure that your project begins and ends safely. RUS currently offers the following downstream fabrication products and services:

  • Control Rooms
  • Custom Shelters
  • Desalter Skids
  • Disaster Shelters

Case Study


RUS Industrial has an established track record of innovation in the downstream sector. When Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Conoco Philips came together to construct the world-class LNG terminal in Sabine, Texas, they called on RUS to provide full electrical and instrumentation services for their facilities. RUS is also adept in the field of alternative energy, having installed a full heat trace wiring and monitoring system at the Solana Solar Generating Station. Learn more about how RUS strengthened these projects, and discover what they can do for yours.

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Our Goal:

Zero injuries. Ever.

At RUS Industrial, safety is more than just a promise: it’s built into the very fabric of our company’s culture. Achieving our goal of zero workplace injuries requires vision, commitment and collaboration. That’s why safety is a part of every phase of our business practices and procedures, starting at the top.

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